At the Center for Facial and Body Rejuvenation, we recommend bioCorneum® to our patients after surgery to assist in healing post-surgical scars and improving their appearance faster.

bioCorneum is a silicone gel scar treatment that is quick-drying and waterproof. Since sun exposure can affect the appearance of post-surgical scars, bioCorneum also contains SPF30 sun protection – the only scar management product that protects against the sun.

It also provides protection against chemical, physical, and microbial invasion by binding with the outer layer of skin cells. bioCorneum hydrates the scar as well, speeding the healing process and improving the scar’s appearance by helping it to flatten, soften, become smoother, and reduce coloration. Besides helping with healing and appearance, this product can lessen symptoms associated with scars, including discomfort and itching.

It is easy to apply, and as it dries, it forms an invisible silicone sheet that remains flexible so that you do not have a stiff feeling around the incision area. Once it has dried, you can apply makeup over it to further cover the scar.