Patients who have scars that are a cause of concern have many treatment options. For patients who have hypertrophic scars — raised scars local to a skin injury or incision — a common treatment option is silicone sheets which coat the scar and help decrease redness and swelling. Now, patients with hypertrophic scars have an even better treatment option — Pur-Sil gel.

Pur-Sil also uses silicone; however, its formulation uses a medical-grade variety of silicone in a topical gel which makes it more effective than the traditional silicone sheets for scar treatment. According to recent studies, many experts agree that silicone gel offers superior benefits for scar treatment and should be considered as the treatment of choice to improve scarring symptoms. A Pur-Sil treatment offers

  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • An exceptionally silky feel
  • Faster improvement of scars
  • Softening, flattening and reduction of redness

Using Pur-Sil

Patients apply Pur-Sil directly to their affected areas. Pur-Sil feels smooth going on, dries instantly and gives patients fast-acting relief from scar symptoms. The treatment is available only through prescription, so contact Dr. Elbert T. Cheng or Dr. Jacqueline T. Cheng to discuss if Pur-Sil is the best treatment for your scarring symptoms.

Your Pur-Sil Results

Patients who use Pur-Sil for their scar treatment will enjoy the highest-quality skin barrier available, a significant reduction in symptoms, especially in contrast with traditional silicone sheet treatments and a high rate of satisfaction.