Hair loss is a familiar problem for both men and women today. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), around 50 million men and 30 million women in the U.S. are suffering from thinning hair. While the issue is not typically a significant medical concern, the psychological impact of hair loss can be substantial, affecting an individual’s personal and professional lives. Today, there is a procedure that offers natural and permanent hair restoration with precision not achieved with other hair transplant techniques. NeoGraft is now available at the Center for Facial and Body Rejuvenation, giving our patients another option for creating a fuller, more youthful head of hair.

NeoGraft uses follicular unit extraction or FUE to remove hair from the donor section three or four strands at a time. The harvested follicles can then be transplanted immediately into the site where balding has taken place, with meticulous care to ensure hairs are placed at a natural angle to blend with other hair in the area. FUE is a preferred method of hair transplantation for many patients since it eliminates the incision associated with the strip method of hair restoration.

The NeoGraft device takes FUE to the next level, automating the process and ensuring consistent results with every follicle transplanted.

Advantages of NeoGraft

We have different reasons for choosing NeoGraft as our hair restoration procedure of choice at Center
for Facial and Body Rejuvenation:

  • FUE using NeoGraft is less invasive than other methods of hair transplantation
  • The procedure involves little or no discomfort for the patient
  • Less bleeding than with other hair transplantation procedures
  • Recovery time is brief, with most patients returning to activities the next day
  • Because there is no incision used, no staples or sutures are required
  • No linear scarring is left behind after the procedure
  • Patients have flexibility in hairstyles, with the ability to wear hair long or short
  • Results look and feel natural

Our plastic surgeons will assess your specific needs and desired results to determine whether NeoGraft is the right fit for you. Some patients may achieve the best outcome with a procedure known as hair rejuvenation with PRP. This process does not involve transplantation of hair but instead infuses the thinning area of the scalp with platelet-rich plasma and growth factors that stimulate current follicles to produce hair once again. We might also recommend a combination of FUE and PRP to provide you with the fullest head of hair possible.

Your NeoGraft Procedure

NeoGraft is performed as an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia at the Center for Facial and Body Rejuvenation. The pneumatic controls on the NeoGraft device are used to gently remove individual follicles from the back of the head with precision, ensuring the follicles removed will provide the best odds for successful transplantation. Patients will be lying on their stomach for this portion of the procedure but should be comfortable enough to listen to music or simply relax while the process is underway.

Once the follicles are removed, they are placed in the areas of the scalp that have thinned, taking care to ensure proper position and angle to produce a natural result. This step in the procedure can usually be performed with the patient in a relaxed sitting or reclining position. Tiny incisions are used for placement of the grafts, which do not leave any residual scarring afterward.

Before and After Images

Recovering from NeoGraft

Due to the minimally-invasive nature of NeoGraft, there is very little recovery time afterward. Many of our patients are back to regular activities the day after their procedure. However, some prefer to remain at home during the first few days, since there can be some swelling and drainage around the treatment area. You may decide to stay out of public until those side effects sufficiently subside. There is not much discomfort after the NeoGraft procedure, and you will likely find that any residual soreness in the treatment area can be effectively managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Results from NeoGraft will develop over time as the transplanted follicles begin to grow hair once again. In fact, the follicles will first shed their current hair before the new hair starts to grow, so you may see more thinning occur in the weeks following your procedure before new hair comes in. Within about 90 days, you should see new growth just like the natural hair in the area, giving you a fuller, natural head of hair that should be permanent.

NeoGraft has raised the bar on hair transplantation techniques with results that are both natural and long-lasting. Find out more about NeoGraft, including whether this is the right procedure for you, by phoning the Center for Facial and Body Rejuvenation today at 408-255-3223.

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