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The Hydrafacial is a specialized, gentle and moisturizing facial treatment that feels wonderful on your skin. Hydrafacials last much longer than a typical facial because they utilize medical-grade skincare products and methods to cleanse, brighten, plump, and protect your skin.

If your skin has been suffering, and you’re looking for fresh, youthful, and radiant skin, the Hydrafacial provides exactly that.

What is a Hydrafacial?

A Hydrafacial is a medical-grade, gently cleansing facial treatment. Hydrafacials nourish and replenish damaged skin, providing long-lasting restorative results for skin of all types. The Hydrafacial is unique in that it goes the extra step to brighten, plump and protect the skin.

Patients with active rashes or rosacea flare ups are not candidates for a Hydrafacial.

Hydrafacials vacuum out oil, dirt, and debris, then deeply infuse the skin with antioxidant-rich serums to nourish, heal and hydrate, leaving the skin protected and beautifully soft and fresh. Clients can select specific serums to target problem areas such as dullness, dryness or uneven skin texture.

The Hydrafacial reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin firmness and evens out the skin tone. Hydrafacials can improve the appearance of enlarged pores and reduce pigmentation issues.

Who is a candidate for a Hydrafacial?

Teens, adults and seniors with all skin types, colors and textures can benefit from a Hydrafacial in San Jose. Candidates may have fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots or hyperpigmentation, clogged or enlarged pores, oily skin or other concerns. Hydrafacials are especially designed to treat tired, dull skin. The hydration provided from a Hydrafacial brightens the skin tone, reduces discoloration, and restores clear vitality back to the skin, which leaves the skin radiant.

Patients with active rashes or rosacea flare ups are not candidates for a Hydrafacial.

Benefits of a Hydrafacial

The popular Hydrafacial has many benefits, including:

  • More hydrated, moisturized skin
  • Brighter, more radiant complexion
  • Plumper, softer skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Increased firmness
  • Reduced brown spots
  • Smaller pores
  • Deep-cleaning for a refreshed complexion
  • Exfoliated skin
  • Improved acne and dryness

Why choose Cheng Plastic Surgery for Hydrafacial treatments?

At Cheng Plastic Surgery, all facial treatments and skin care procedures are designed to give you the best of the best. Our treatments are performed under the supervision of our brother-sister team of double-board certified plastic surgeons. We provide highly-experienced, professional, expert care for your skin concerns.

We welcome you to our practice, where our patients come first, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve outstanding results. If you wish to learn more about a Hydrafacial in Palo Alto, don't hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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