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Cheng Plastic Surgery and Cheng MedSpa are located in beautiful Saratoga. Known for its redwood forests, foothills that make for great winemaking, and sunny weather, Saratoga has become home to those who seek the best in life. As a luxurious medspa environment, our office was designed with patient comfort and satisfaction in mind. We have our own in-house surgery center, which makes surgical procedures convenient for our patients.


At Cheng Plastic Surgery and Cheng MedSpa, we proudly offer our services to patients all over Silicon Valley, including San Jose and Palo Alto.

Both roughly 20 minutes away from our Saratoga office, San Jose and Palo Alto are most often associated with the tech industry. Beyond this notable mention, San Jose is known for its beautiful and abundant parks, hiking trails, and wildlife. Palo Alto is famous for its many creeks and natural habitats. Both cities have warm Mediterranean climates that make for pleasant living all year round. Cheng Plastic Surgery and Cheng MedSpa welcomes our clients from all over Silicon Valley to benefit from our treatments. Our MedSpa environment was designed with client comfort in mind, ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors has a positive, relaxing experience.


Cheng Plastic Surgery and Cheng MedSpa

At Cheng Plastic Surgery and Cheng MedSpa, we proudly provide high-quality cosmetic treatments in an environment of maximum privacy and relaxation. Our in-house, fully AAAHC accredited surgical center is equipped with all the tools needed to achieve remarkable results for our clients. Our doctors and nurses are able to utilize their impeccable skills and carry out remarkable procedures on our clientele thanks to this modern, state-of-the-art, on-site facility.

Patients can relax during their treatments under the care of our highly-skilled, surgical team. We offer a wide array of procedures with our cosmetic practitioners, who work endlessly to ensure that the patient’s aesthetic goals are met.


Services Provided at Cheng Plastic Surgery and Cheng MedSpa

As the name suggests, at Cheng Plastic Surgery and Cheng MedSpa, we offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures for patients that are looking to improve their look and feel more confident about themselves.

Surgical procedures


A facelift is considered to be one of the most comprehensive treatments for facial aging. Our personalized facelift procedures can smooth out lines and wrinkles, attenuate jowls, and restore strong definition to the jawline. When carried out with specialized surgical techniques, a facelift can give patients a revitalized and natural aesthetic without looking too tight or ‘pulled.’

This procedure is known for its ability to treat sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines, jowls, double chins, saggy cheeks, and loss of definition in the jawline. Performed either with IV sedation or under general anesthesia, this procedure can achieve remarkable results.

Neck lift

While many patients want to focus on their faces, it is usually the case that noticeable signs of aging first manifest in the neck.

In addition to wrinkles, the skin and muscles of the neck may become loose, resulting in what is often referred to as a “turkey neck.” In some cases, patients may be dealing with a double chin, which comes as a result of fat in the neck.

A neck lift serves as a complement to the facelift by tapering the neck skin and repositioning loose muscles. If desired by the patient, liposuction of the fat under the chin and jawline may also be employed for enhanced results.

Non-surgical procedures

Frown lines, crow’s feet, and other fine lines on the forehead or brow can all be treated with Botox. This popular injectable procedure freezes muscle activity in the face, giving the skin a more appealing, youthful look. Botox has been proven as a simple, safe, and potent treatment that requires no downtime.

Our specialists are able to achieve a natural aesthetic with Botox, never affecting mobility in the face. Because only certain muscles are targeted with this procedure, the other areas of the face can move naturally.


A Hydrafacial is a medical-grade facial procedure that revitalizes damaged skin, providing long-term results for patients of all skin types. What makes this procedure unique is that it goes further in brightening, plumping, and protecting the skin.

Hydrafacials work by vacuuming out oil and dirt, then administering antioxidant-rich serums deep into the skin that nourish, revitalize, and hydrate the treatment area. Specific serums can be used to address issues such as dullness, dryness, or poor skin texture. This treatment can also reduce enlarged pores and address pigmentation issues.

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We are always excited to provide our patients with exceptional treatments at Cheng Plastic Surgery and Cheng MedSpa. Reach out to us today to learn more about our treatment options.

Skin Love MedSpa in Redwood City

Skin Love MedSpa is located in lovely Redwood City. Known for its beautiful climate, strong sense of community, and proximity to the golden city (San Francisco), Redwood City has become a hub for the high-tech industry and home to those seeking only the best in life. Our luxurious medspa environment is ideal for patient comfort, resulting in a pleasant experience.

At Skin Love MedSpa, we proudly offer our services to patients all over San Mateo County and the greater bay area, including San Francisco and Fremont.


Just 30 minutes north of our Redwood City office, San Francisco is a city known for its liveliness, artistic energy, and innovative approach to life. Beyond that, it is famous for its beautiful landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, and various museums.

Located just 30 minutes east of Redwood City in the East Bay region, Fremont is known for its regional parks and beautiful weather. Centrally located between San Jose and San Francisco, it is characterized by its intersectionality of artists and tech workers. Skin Love MedSpa welcomes patients from all over the bay area to enjoy our treatments. Our facilities were designed with patient comfort in mind, ensuring that patients have a positive, relaxing experience with us.


Skin Love MedSpa

At Skin Love MedSpa in Redwood City, patients receive professional cosmetic care in a luxurious facility where world-class aesthetic procedures and non-invasive skin treatments are performed by a team of double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons and ENTs. Their artistry, commitment to safety, and strong listening skills inform these treatments, ensuring that patients get exactly what they’re looking for from the best surgeons available.


Services Provided at Skin Love MedSpa

At Skin Love MedSpa, we offer non-surgical procedures for patients that are looking to improve their look and feel more confident about themselves.


Signs of aging such as smile lines, crow’s feet, and other issues on the forehead or brow can all be addressed with Botox. This popular injectable procedure is a type of neuromodulator, which works by freezing muscle activity in the treatment area. While this muscle movement is temporarily paused, the skin can develop a more enticing, youthful aesthetic. Having been in use for decades, Botox has a strong track record as a quick, safe, and powerful treatment that requires no downtime.

Our practitioners are able to achieve remarkable results with Botox without inhibiting the patient’s natural facial expressions. As only the muscles in the targeted area are affected by this procedure, the other areas of the face can continue to move naturally.

Thread lifting

A cutting-edge, minimally invasive alternative to the traditional facelift procedure, a thread lift provides patients with enhanced rejuvenation without all of the downtime. This process consists of gently lifting the injected threads to temporarily raise sunken contours in the face.

This process allows for collagen production to be stimulated, boosting the levels of this protein for improved firmness and youthfulness in the long term.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are designed to rejuvenate the skin’s texture, remove blemishes, and create a younger-looking, more balanced complexion. This procedure works by chemically removing the top layer of the skin, clearing away dead skin cells and damage. At the same time, a process is activated that generates new, healthy skin with clear pores.

Chemical peels are perfect for addressing issues such as signs of aging, acne scars, and sun damage while simultaneously stimulating collagen production at a deep level. The treatment is known for being highly customizable, allowing doctors to tailor treatments ranging from light to deep peels.


Unlike invasive plastic surgery procedures, CoolSculpting utilizes the power of non-invasive cryolipolysis, a process that involves using cold temperatures to break down fat cells, to melt away stubborn fat.

As the name suggests, it works further by sculpting and contouring the patient’s physique, giving it a more youthful aesthetic. The procedure is simple and quick, allowing patients to rest, read, or watch movies throughout the session.

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At Skin Love MedSpa, we are excited to provide our patients with the most cutting-edge, effective treatments available. Call us today to receive more information about our treatment options.

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