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What is recovery likeafter a facelift?

You will be able to go home within a few hours of your facelift , and must be driven home and supervised for 24 hours by a competent adult friend or family member.

Having help will ensure you receive the best care possible as you are not able to care for yourself in the same way.

If you do not have adequate help, our Patient Care Coordinator offers her own at-home care service for our patients post-surgery at an additional cost. At home services include:

  • Taking you home
  • Providing the best overnight post-operative care
  • Taking you to and from your follow-up appointment the next day

Day of Surgery

We will send you home with a bandage around your head and jawline. In some cases, drains may be necessary to capture fluid as you heal. You will awaken from anesthesia in our accredited ambulatory surgery center, under the care of our skillful nurses, who will be carefully monitoring you. When undergoing a facelift at our surgery center located at our facility, you have the added benefit that Dr. Cheng, our double board-certified plastic surgeon, will be overseeing every aspect of your recovery, from the time you become alert after surgery, and at every phase of healing and recovery.

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Next Day

We will promptly see you back the next morning at our office to wash your hair as well as assess and clean any incisions that were made during surgery. At this time, the drains placed under the skin are removed. After the drains are removed, you are free to begin showering on our own at home. You will see some bruising, swelling, and feel some discomfort, which your prescription pain medication will alleviate. Dr. Cheng will meet with you to ensure you are comfortable and healing well with no complications.

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First Week

We will also provide products to apply during the recovery period to promote healing and improve the appearance of post-surgical scars. The sutures will be removed in about a week. Arrange a competent adult to stay with you to help you with your daily activities, which can be important if added procedures were performed in your facial rejuvenation, such as:

  • blepharoplasty
  • lip lift
  • neck lift

Don’t be concerned with swelling or bruising – it is part of the healing process. Clean your incisions and apply products as we direct to ensure proper healing without issues or infection.

Your surgery was in the skillful hands of a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a certification in head and neck surgery. You can contact us personally at any point in your recovery, with any questions or concerns. We are here for you to make sure you receive the best care – and the results you’ve always wanted.

Ten days after surgery

You can begin wearing makeup ten days after surgery if your incisions have healed properly, after being assessed by Dr. Cheng. We will also see you for post-operative examinations to ensure you are healing well.

Two weeks after surgery

Most people are now ready to venture out into the public, although you may still have some minor swelling, others likely won’t notice it – expect them to mention that you look great! We encourage getting back into your daily routine as soon as you feel ready. Your facelift is just as much of an emotional journey as it is physical – and we are with you every step of the way.

One Month After Surgery

You are back to your regular life, looking great, swelling gone. Your incisions are less visible, but the scars have not yet faded. You should feel comfortable interacting with others, and your newly-rejuvenated face is starting to look more natural. Continue to manage your incisions as we direct so your scars fade more quickly. You should not be feeling any remaining discomfort.

The next 12 months

Your facelift has fully healed, the scars are disappearing, and you rarely think about how you looked before. Your refreshed look is now fully you. Although you are fully healed, we will always schedule regular check-ups with our post-surgical patients to ensure you are still fully thrilled with the new you. We hope that you allow us to be a part of your physical, mental and emotional journey!

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