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Charlotte - Dr. Cheng is an exceptional artist

Dr. Cheng is an exceptional artist. I can’t get over how wonderful my results were and how gently he was able to transform my look in one visit. I feel renewed and energized with my refreshed look. I am so very pleased!

honeyberg - Dr. Cheng is an amazing surgeon

Dr. Cheng is an amazing surgeon. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my neck and chin lift. He is not only an outstanding surgeon, but is also a warm and caring professional. Everyone in the office reflects this care and concern. I am thrilled with the results and recommend him without hesitation.

J. Demetrus - I highly recommend her!

Dr Cheng is an amazing doctor. I have had the pleasure of being her patient for the past 8 years. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Cheng and her staff provide excellent care and top-notch service. I highly recommend her!

Lau - I had an amazing experience in my treatment

Dr. Jacqueline Cheng and all her staff are very friendly, kind, knowledgeable & efficient. Dr. J is patient, caring and I love how she reviews my concerns, always answer my questions and explain me all the options in great detail. I had an amazing experience in my treatment. I feel safe, as she show her experience and expertise!!! I would recommend her most sincerely, wouldn’t have gone for it if not because of Dr. J. She is the best!!

Mary T. - I now have bright, beautiful eyes

It was an epic journey–a trying but wonderful experience! Dr. Elbert Cheng treated me with respect, warmth and kindness. I was very impressed with his personable manner and of course, his skills as a surgeon. His staff was professional and helpful. Overall, it was a unique and singular experience with a beautiful outcome for me. I recently looked at myself in the mirror, and I was shocked to find an old lady looking back at me. My eyelids droop heavily over my eyes. I looked sleepy most of the time. To make matters worse, where my chin should have been, I found rolls of fat cascading down my neck. I was horrified! I didn’t recognize my own face! My body is still smooth and youthful, and I still feel young but this person staring back at me was an old person. How could this have happened? I was reeling from horror and shock. I wasn’t even fifty yet! Standing on the brink, tethering between old age and youth—I picked youth. I had my eyes, my neck, and my face lifted. I now have bright, beautiful eyes. My defined chin came back. My face looks firm and youthful again. I am grateful for the rare and lucky events throughout my life, and I consider Dr. Elbert Cheng’s deed as one of my life’s rare and happy experiences. I am very grateful and happy.

Shelly C. - SO happy I chose Dr. Cheng

Dr. Cheng performed my facelift surgery, and I could not be happier! I love my results… I still look like me, only younger and less tired! Dr. Cheng was wonderful and kept me informed of every detail regarding my surgery. His staff is truly amazing too. They helped me stay on track with all my pre-surgery preparations and checked on me during my recovery. I really recommend Dr. Cheng if you are interested in refreshing your appearance. It worked for me, and I am SO happy I chose Dr. Cheng!

Lorenzo S. - Well trained, extremely professional and well versed

I have been retired for several years but still lead an active lifestyle. I have been a patient of Dr Cheng during this time and have undergone a number of in office minor cosmetic procedures . Each were recommended by the Dr and staff after thorough consultations which described the pros/cons and whether my desired outcome could be achieved. I particularly am impressed by Dr Cheng’s credentials and experience in performing all the latest procedures available. In addition, his staff is well trained, extremely professional and well versed in the application of the latest advanced cosmetic equipment available. After reaching the point where cosmetic surgery was the step necessary to address a sagging neckline and jowls, I underwent the procedure at the attached surgery center w/ a highly trained staff of doctors and nurses. The surgery was completed in the morning and I returned the following day for post – op visit. Once again Dr Cheng, Edina, Yang and Kennedy gave me all the attention and instructions to follow for a painless , speedy and successful recovery. I urge anyone considering any type of cosmetic procedure or surgery to strongly consider CFFBR. My final thought is – IF YOU WANT TO LOOK YOUR BEST THAN GO WITH THE BEST IN THE BAY AREA AND BEYOND!!

M.T. - A very talented surgeon

It was a pleasant experience as far as surgeries go. I turned fifty and suddenly I couldn’t recognize myself. A double chin developed just overnight it seemed. My eye lids drooped and in an instant I looked like an old woman. Dr. Elbert Cheng was very knowledgeable and gentle. Within a couple hours he was able to transform me into a beauty. I am extremely happy with my mini face lift and eye lift, my neck looks like a neck of a young woman and my eyes are bright and clear. I think Dr. Elbert is a very talented surgeon. He does amazing work and I am glad that I put my face in his hands.

David M. - OVER THE TOP happy

I have been seeing Dr. Jacque and Dr. Elbert since 2008 and have done just about everything under the sun with them (facial procedures including nose, chemical peel, full dermabrasion, chin lipo, fillers/botox, smart lipo for my belly/sides, fraxel, thermage, and more). I am consistently happy, OVER THE TOP happy, even, with both the doctors and the amazingly friendly and helpful staff. What’s amazing about getting work done at CFBR is that you get 2 amazing perspective between Dr. Jacque and Dr. Elbert. If want a more conservative perspective, Dr. Jacque tends to be on that side, whereas Dr. Elbert tends to have a less conservative perspective, so the two complement each other very well! It’s like a free second opinion every time you go!

In terms of the quality of work done, I think the fact that several of my friends have since gone to do work with them (and came to me to ask where I’ve gotten things done), is a sign in and of itself of how phenomenal they are. Unlike what you might find in LA, Dr. Jacque and Dr. Elbert both know how to get a result that shows dramatic improvement but in a way that looks totally natural. As a result, I feel like I’m barely aging, and honestly, in my 30’s I can genuinely say that I’m getting more complements, more attention, and feel much better about myself than I did in my 20’s, very largely due to their skilled hands. If you want quality, amazing care, and great results, go to Cheng Plastic Surgery! It’s never too early, and it’s never too late! 🙂

Sanaz L. - Amazing Work

Dr. Elbert listens to your concerns and he does amazing work, I highly recommend this office. They do not push you to get treatment done.

Patient - So natural

The staff is very friendly which made me feel really comfortable in getting my surgery. Everything went very well, I am happy with my results and would do it all over again! Dr. Jacqueline knew exactly what should be done without making my nose look “fake”. It looks so natural. I definitely recommended Dr. Jacqueline Cheng.

Patient - I feel younger

The procedure was less painful than you expected. Dr, Jacqueline Cheng was well prepared. She informed me of the procedure and recovery. I feel younger now without the eye bags and I’m satisfied with the results. Thank you Dr. Jacqueline Cheng.

Patient - Results are always natural

I’ve been coming to Dr. Jacqueline for Botox® for several years. She takes time to answer all of my questions and make recommendations. My Botox® results are always natural. I would recommend Dr. Jacqueline to anyone.

Posted By : Chris

Patient - Thank you

“The entire process from the beginning to end was clearly explained and handled with warmth and care. My results turned out better than expected. Thank you.”

Patient - Already happy with my new look

“From the first time meeting Doctor Elbert T. Cheng I felt comfortable and safe. Before making a decision to do plastic surgery I saw many doctors and new that Dr. Cheng was right for me. I’m just 3 weeks out from the surgery and I’m already happy with my new look. Thanks Dr. Elbert Cheng and his team for doing a great job!”

Patient - Thanks

“Thanks to Dr. Cheng, I found that both the procedure and recovery to be quite a bit less stressful than I had imagined. I never had any pain or issues with the incisions. I m looking forward to even more improvement as my swelling goes away over time.”

Patient - Extremely professional and kind

“I have truly enjoyed this experience. Dr. Cheng has been extremely professional and kind. His enthusiasms about the results of the Thermage treatment have been rewarding. I would do the treatment again in the future to maintain the excellent results. The office staff and Doctors assistants are very nice to work with.”

Patient - Enlightening experience

“I found Dr. Cheng in the San Jose Magazine listed as on of silicone valleys top physicians. I made an appointment for a consultation with several physicians and was not very comfortable. My consultation with Dr. Cheng was very positive and enlightening experience. He listened to my own concerns regarding the end results of looking natural and most of all not to loose the look of my ethnic heritage. Dr. Cheng reassured me of my concerns. This made my decisions very simple to proceed with my cosmetic surgery. I had my surgery at the office and procedures went very well during and after surgery.”

Patient - Very pleased

“I am very pleased with my results and have a colleague coming in soon to see you. The email capability through the website is a nice feature.”

Patient - I look 10 years younger

“Dr. Elbert Cheng and the staff were professional, knowledgeable, and were very helpful before, during and after my two procedures, chemical peel and dermabrasion around the lips. I am thrilled with the results around the peri-oral area. I feel like I look 10 years younger. WOW!”

Patient - Very happy

“I had a scar on the left side of my face. About one month ago Dr. Elbert Cheng had performed a surgery and removed the scar. One month later the wound healed very nice. I’m very happy with the surgery.”

Patient - Very impressed

“I had a unique condition that caused my decision to be difficult. After multiple consultations with other clinics and opinions from other doctors, I felt very comfortable in choosing Dr. Cheng and his team to fix my condition. I was very impressed with the smooth process and the very professional and personal follow up even during my trip after the surgery. Most of all I am assured of the result. Thank you!”

Patient - Highly professional

“I am very pleased with the outcome of the surgery. I wanted to thank everyone for all the care I received before, after and during surgery.” “Dr. Elbert and Jacqueline Cheng and the staffs are highly professional and made me feel at ease during the surgery and the recovery period. I recovered well and was able to return back to work on the sixth day after surgery. I am totally satisfied with the result of the surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.”

Patient - Exceeded my expectations

“Thank you so much Dr. Cheng, I am so pleased with the results of my treatment. I had realistic expectations, before my treatment. But the results of my treatment exceed those of my expectations.”

Patient - Positive experience

“This has been a very positive experience for me. The staff has been extremely helpful. I feel that I am part of a family.”

Patient - Great service

“Great service and very professional team. Follow-up excellent and all questions regarding surgery, recovery and what to anticipate were thoroughly answered. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Cheng as a surgeon to anyone requiring this sort of procedure. Again, a GREAT team!”

Patient - Very friendly and informative

“Everything about the experience was great. The doctors are great, very friendly and informative. The surgery was much easier then what I had anticipated. I ended up only taking one pain pill and the rest was tolerable and that Tylenol was plenty. The staff was great and this procedure was something that I had no regret in doing.”

Patient - Thank you for reversing the clock

“Being forty is wonderful, especially when you don’t look like forty. Thank you for revering the clock. Now I look like I am in my early 30’s.”

Patient - Great artist

“Elbert Cheng is not only a surgeon who knows what he is doing, he is also a great artist and the best combination for plastic surgery. Thanks for everything, the staff is great.“

Patient - Thrilled with my results

“I am, two months out from the procedure and I already thrilled with my results. I recommend Dr. Elbert Cheng and the Center for Facial Rejuvenation unconditionally.”

Patient - Can’t believe the outcome

“It was a wonderful experience. I had so much support from everyone in the office. I was explained how to prepare for everything very thoroughly. I still can’t believe the outcome. My family said everything looks so natural. I am so grateful that I chose Dr. Cheng.”

KB – Pleasanton, California

Patient - Very happy with the quality of service

“I was very happy with the quality of service I received at CFFBR. Dr. Elbert really made sure to understand what I wanted out of my procedure and took time to answer all my questions, before and after the surgery.”

ME – San Jose, California

Patient - I love the way my eyes look now

“I love the way my eyes look now! I feel younger and I think I look somewhat younger. Most importantly, my outlook is brighter. Dr. Cheng did a fantastic job! He is a skilled physician/plastic surgeon. I very much like Dr. Cheng’s demeanor. He seems to be easy going, truly interested and patient with his patients. He listens and responds to all questions. Dr. Cheng’s staff is friendly and accommodating. They too seem genuinely interested in the patient and they always encourage you to call if you have questions. Overall, I had a very positive experience and now that I’ve tasted a bit of plastic surgery, I bet I’ll be back for more. Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to seeing everybody at my follow up visits.”

GE – Saratoga, California

Patient - I look fabulous

“I respect and trust Dr. Cheng and now when I look in the mirror I smile because I look fabulous!! Thank you Dr. Cheng.”

PD – Saratoga, California

Patient - Patient and professional

“I thought about having this procedure for five years and met with Dr. Elbert Cheng several times. Each time he was patient and professional and answered all my questions and listened to my concerns attentively. I’m extremely glad to have had the procedure I feel a million times better and thus there’s been an improvement in my world. I feel certain that Dr. Elbert will address any of my concerns as I go through the first year of post-op.”

DG – Saratoga, California

Patient - Professional and pleasant

“All my visits have been professional and pleasant”

DG – Saratoga, California

Patient - Respectful and kind

“Polite and efficient staff and service. Everyone put me at ease when I felt nervous and apprehensive. Thank you for such respectful and kind treatment.”

GG – Salinas, California

Patient - Supportive and personable

“From the first time I met Dr. Jacqueline Cheng to the 6 month of my post-op check up, she has been very positive, generous with her time, patient with details in dealing with my condition to my satisfaction. Her staff is also very supportive and personable and professional. I enjoyed my relationship with Cheng Plastic Surgery very much. I definitely will recommend to my friends and return for future service when necessary.”

ML – Los Gatos, California

Patient - Professional, careful and precise

“Both Dr. Cheng’s are professional, careful and precise; they are kind and friendly as well. I am satisfied with the whole experience.”

LX – Aptos, California

Patient - A more confident person

“I want to thank Dr. Cheng for being so helpful and patient during the entire process. He made me feel very comfortable and informed me of all the details regarding my procedure. This experience has impacted my life greatly. I have become more of a confident person. Also, the staff at Cheng Plastic Surgery were extremely kind and professional. I really appreciate their extra efforts to make their patients feel welcome and comfortable. They explained everything clearly and were extremely patient when answering questions.”

TS – Los Altos, California

Patient - Pleased with my results

“I am pleased with my results from procedures Dr. Elbert Cheng performed on me. I highly recommend him and also the staff was very pleasant whenever I came in for appointments.”

CG – Sunnyvale, California

Patient - Such a difference

“I’ve been working with Dr. Cheng for years about what can I do to stave off this aging process, and I was just very reluctant to have surgery. I would do Botox® and the fillers, but I was very nervous and fearful because you just hear all of these terrible horror stories. I just didn’t know if I wanted to take that chance…it’s your face! I knew I wanted to go into my seventies and eighties gracefully…feeling like I could look the best that I could look. I guess that the results that I wanted were more important than the fear I had. I’m really glad that I did the general because it made it so easy. I had no stress or trauma going into it. I felt very confident. I trust Dr. Cheng immensely because he’s so meticulous, and I also knew that he wouldn’t overdo anything. I went in and I had no anxiety. They put me under. I woke up and it was done! I had very few problems afterward. I had discomfort for the first day or so, then I was on my way to recovery! I was thrilled with the results. It made such a difference for me, and I am absolutely glad I did it. I have no regrets. I mean the whole process was very smooth. He makes it very comfortable. Even the healing process was pretty comfortable. I got out within three days…I went out with a scarf around my neck and went to the movies! I would say, if you’re in Dr. Cheng’s hands, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

CG – k. Jackson

Patient - Good job

Good job

Posted By : Lcc

Patient - Love the results

Love the results

Posted By : michele P.

Patient - Comfortable experience

Dr. Jacqueline gave me the most comfortable experience undergoing cosmetic under eye surgery. This was my first experience, and I found her to be both professinal and personable while explaining in full detail what the procedure and recovery entails. Dr. Jacqueline spent her time with me during all pre and post operative visits. Stacy, and all of the staff were very friendly and caring as well. I would highly recommend the practice to anyone considering a surgical procedure.

Posted By : Angela L.

Patient - Happy with the results

Dr Cheng and his staff are wonderful! I am happy with the results! Thank you!

Posted By : D.O.

Patient - Go-to-gal for Filler and Botox®

Dr. Jacqueline is my go-to-gal for filler and botox. I trust her immensely and I am always pleased with the results! Her entire staff is friendly- never pretentious. The open house events are fun and informative, too! Even my husband likes to come along.

Posted By : Michelle W.

Patient - Highly recommend

Dr. Jacqueline did an excellent job in flattening my abdomen. Her attention to details and special care is superb. I would highly recommend her for any smartlipo procedure.

Posted By : WK

Patient - Satisfied

Two months from lower eye surgery. I am satisfied this far. Dr Elbert explained what would happen and it was exactly that way went smoothly.

Posted By : C L.

Patient - Very caring

Dr. Is remarkable VERY CARING. I was injured f

Posted By : Mp

Patient - Virtually Painless

Virtually painless! It was an unexpected pleasant experience with an expert staff and Doctor. I was consulted during the process to ensure i was happy. I am very happy with the results.

Posted By : LR

Patient - Great doc

Yes, Dr. Cheng is such great doc. He and his staffs are so nice and warm as well…plus they provide the best services…great job done!

Posted By : Yw

Patient - I really like the results

Dr. Elbert was a good doctor and i really like the results

Posted By : a.c

Patient - Caring and talented surgeon

What a caring and talented surgeon. The results continue to improve and my satisfaction is mirrored by the positive remarks about my appearance. By helping me look better I feel better and yes, younger.

Posted By : Tak

Patient - Very supportive

Doctor and assistants very supportive Made me feel very comfortable Would recommend to others

Posted By : JA

Patient - Warm and welcoming

Dr Elbert Cheng and his staff were so warm an welcoming with me before during and after my smartlipo procedure. The day of the procedure all were very attentive to my needs, pain level and comfort. The results of the smartlipo are amazing! I never thought I would feel good about my waistline and belly, and now I cant wait to show it off. I am excited to see more of the tightening from the laser in the months to come!

Posted By : NRS

Patient - Personal service

Personal service every time!

Posted By : Bb

Patient - Wonderful results

My results are wonderful. I wouldn’t have anyone else do my procedures but Dr. Elbert Cheng!

Posted By : JB

Patient - Great experience

The experience has been great. The office staff is very supportive and professional. I cant wait to see the results at six months.

Posted By : Ljb

Patient - Highly recommended

Excellent service, great doctor, had no scarring after treatment, highly recommended

Posted By : Susan

Patient - Best care possible

I drive from santa cruz because I am confident that I will get the best care possible by Dr Cheng.

Posted By : Rs

Patient - Very happy with my results

I’m very happy with my results. Dr. Elbert Cheng was wonderful and provided me with great recommendations. He was always in contact with me pre and post surgery and made sure I was doing well. I highly recommend Dr. Elbert Cheng.

Posted By : EE

Patient - Excellent physician

I have been here for many years, and i will be always come here , dr chen is an excellent physician,

Posted By : Peggy W.

Patient - Dr. Jacqueline is the best

Dr Jacqueline is the best!! I am always very satisfied with the result of my treatment. I highly recommend Dr Jacqueline to all of my business associates family and friends.

Posted By : Lucy S.

Patient - Master of his craft

I am very happy with the outcome. Dr. Elbert is a master of his craft.

Posted By : JM

Patient - My skin looks amazing

Had a microneedling treatment with Dr. Elbert Cheng! Got rid of all my acne scars, my skin looks amazing and I am extremely happy with the results! Cant wait to do thr next one! It was pretty painless and there was next to no recovery time! Thanks CFFBR!

Posted By : AN

Patient - Happy with end result

It was a pleasant experience dealing with Dr Elbert Cheng and his staff. They are all very helpful, my scar looks amazing and I know I will be happy with the end result.

Posted By : LZ

Patient - Very gentle

Dr Jacqueline Cheng is a consummate artist as a plastic surgeon and very gentle when administering procedures. She does not pressure you to have any treatment.??

Posted By : JM

Patient - Dr. Cheng is wonderful

Dr. Cheng is wonderful, explained everything to me. First time and a great experience.

Posted By : Lm

Patient - Feeling great

Six weeks out, i am feeling great and am well healed.

Posted By : LH

Patient - An expert in facial rejuvenation

Dr. Cheng is an expert in facial juvenation surgery. I see noticeably fewer wrinkles on my face after the procedure, and I have received so many compliments! Thanks to Dr. Cheng for being a throrough, careful surgeon, and helping me feel great about my appearance.

Posted By : Yan L.

Patient - Dr. Cheng and staff are wonderful

Dr. Cheng and his staff are wonderful! As a first time client i had some initial reservations but Dr walked me through the procedure and i am thrilled with the results. Highly recommend him for the fillers and the process as a whole. Ek

Posted By : Emily K.

Patient - Great individual attention

I highly recommend Dr Elbert Cheng. He is amazing! He gives his patients such great individual attention. He takes the time to listen to his patients wants and wishes. He is right there for you every step of the way. I called him a few times on his cell phone with questions and he got back to me in a timely manner. His staff is fantastic too!

Posted By : Ch

Patient - Very satisfied

I am very satisfied with the entire procedure and experience, dr Cheng and his staff is very professional and follow-up really well, i highly recommended.

Posted By : HKC

Patient - Dr. Elbert Cheng is great

Dr. Elbert Cheng is great. I’ll recommend him to my friends.

Posted By : LZ

Patient - Always very happy with my results

I am always very happy with Dr Cheng and my results. He is professional and takes very good care of his patients. He continues to look after his patients, long after procedures. I will always continue to go to Dr Cheng for what ever I want done. I trust him and always feel safe.

Posted By : L.L.

Patient - Outstanding job

Dr. Cheng did an outstanding job with my Forehead Lift, Upper Blepharoplasty and Lower Blepharoplasty. He impressed me with his caring attitude,attention to detail, and his step-by-step preparation before your surgery. The staff is well-trained, friendly, and very caring also. I was extremely pleased with the outcome and the “new me”. The follow-up care is as rigorous as the preparation process and you feel every detail in the process is thought through– not only the success of the surgery but your recovery as well. The staff creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere the minute you walk through the door of the Center.

Posted By : CP

Patient - Confidence and youthful body

I had smart lipo to my abdomen and flanks. Although friends and family disagreed about the need, I wanted it for ME! What Dr. Jacqueline and Dr. Elbert provided gave me back my confidence and youthful body. I no longer look in the mirror and wish for a different body. The Drs were very sensitive but very realistic in estimating what surgery can provide. But the results did exceed my expectations. Just remember you play a big part in your healing and results after the Drs. Have done their part. The staff is supportive every step of the way so you are never alone

Posted By : Nw

Patient - Good doctor

Hes a good doctor!

Posted By : Vh

Patient - Fantastic job

Dr. Elbert did a fantastic job on my eyes – no more bags! Thanks Dr. E.

Posted By : Steven M.

Patient - Love Dr. Elbert

Love Dr Elbert

Posted By : Ms

Patient - Excellent work

Excellent work by Dr Elbert Cheng!

Posted By : Dw

Patient - Friendly and detail oriented

Friendly and detail oriented with great post-procedure follow-up. I highly recommend!

Posted By : JFL

Patient - Very lovely

It was very lovely.

Posted By : Dc

Patient - Love the treatment here at the center

Dr elbert is really knowledgeable doctor, very considerate. I love the treatment here at the center.

Posted By : Ff

Patient - Very happy

I am very happy with the procedure

Posted By : Ss

Patient - Definitely recommend

Very caring and profesional physician. Pleased with results and would definitely recommend him to friends.

Posted By : Anne

Patient - Delightful

It was great! Dr. Cheng and everyone in the office make a visit delightful!

Posted By : Mv

Patient - Very happy with my results

Very happy with my results thank you

Posted By : Scott S.

Patient - Results are always perfect

Dr. E is a great injector! The results are always perfect.

Posted By : Melissa M.

Patient - Nice and professional

She is very nice and professional

Posted By : NV

Patient - Friendly, caring, and professional

Dr. Elbert Cheng is an excellent doctor! His staffs are very friendly, caring, and professional! I highly recommend. Qing

Posted By : Qing W.

Patient - Consistently great experience

Consistently great experience! Dr J. Is very sensitive to pain levels and anticipating changes to make it more bearable (fraxel is painful!). I’m very happy with my experience.

Posted By : David M.

Patient - Great experience

Great experience with this doctor and his staff!

Posted By : Georgia E.

Patient - Happy with the results

I had smartlipo on my neck, arms, upper and lower abs, and flanks four weeks ago. I am happy with the results so far.

Posted By : QL

Patient - Unbelievable

Happy with surgery. Its unbelievable its wonderful had my lower eyes done. Dr Elbert Cheng is very good at his job even my husband is very happy with my results and its only one week.

Posted By : YL

Patient - Artistic plastic surgeon

Thanks to the Lord! Dr. Elbert Cheng are such a great artistic plastic surgeon , i really want to give my thumb up to him and his staffs. They made me feel so warm and comfortable to go through all this beauty journey without any noticeable suffer or pain…and after a month everything looks quite normal but with younger looking! Thanks Dr. Elbert and the staffs. If i have chance surely i would recommend to my friends and relatives. Great job done!

Posted By : Yw

Patient - Excellent physician/surgeon

Dr. Cheng is an excellent physician/surgeon. He would do anything in his power to fulfill patient needs and requests. I would definitely recommend him to all my colleagues and connections should they need cosmetic needs in the bay area.

Posted By : Michael J.

Patient - Informative physician

Dr. Cheng is a very calm, understanding and informative physician. I am very happy with the results I get from my visits.

Posted By : MB

Patient - Loved it

Did voluma first time i loved it didnt hurt at all

Posted By : Nicole

Patient - Look as young as I feel

Dr. Cheng performed upper and lower bleph plus brow lift on me five weeks ago, and I could not be happier with the results. The look is very natural. I now look as young as I feel, but no one has guessed that I’ve had work done. I trust Dr. Cheng and the entire staff completely.

Posted By : DS

Patient - Thrilled with the results

Thrilled with the results of SmartLipo on my upper and lower abs and flanks. I was nervous about the procedure, but Dr.Cheng and Edina and Kennedy (awesome MAs) explained everything I needed to know and were so helpful and encouraging every step of the way. The post-op and healing phases were so much easier than I’d anticipated. I only wish I had gotten the courage to have SmartLipo sooner.

Posted By : DS

Patient - Great!


Posted By : vicky

Patient - Happy

Im happy for the result .. This is my second time

Posted By : Mariam

Patient - Love her

Love her!

Posted By : Anonymous

Patient - Love the results

I come here many times to see Dr. J she is a great doctor and i love the results i get from here!

Posted By : Joanne X.

Patient - Always happy with the results

Dr. Jacqueline has done fillers for me throughout the years and Im always happy with the results.

Posted By : V. N.

Patient - Very happy

Very happy

Posted By : Kn

Patient - Look more athletic

I’ve already been seeing amazing results from the Thermage procedure I did a month ago – in particular my jawline is more defined, and it makes me look more athletic which I love. Dr. Jacque is consistently awesome, and thermage is no exception! In particular her pre and post op care is phenomenal.

Posted By : David M.

Patient - Happy and upbeat

Dr Cheng is very receptive to my needs and is always happy and upbeat at my visits.

Posted By : VH

Patient - Never disappointed

Dr. J. (that is what i call her) is the best. I have been coming to her for about 9 years now and I have never been disappointed. She is an artist in every way and really understands how to enhance your looks so it is natural and not overdone. I recommend her to EVERYONE.

Posted By : Kristi H.

Patient - Extremely professional

Dr. Cheng is very careful and conservative with my Botox® treatments which i appreciate. She always takes the time to ask if i want any different results and is extremely professional.

Posted By : Lori B.

Patient - Wonderful physician

Dr. Cheng is a wonderful Physician. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Posted By : Terri B.

Patient - Excellent and knowledgeable doctor

I did all my botox treatment here with Dr. Jacqueline Cheng. She is an excellent and knowledgeable doctor. I’m very happy with the results I get. I recommend her to everyone. The staff are also very friendly.

Posted By : Hk

Patient - Satisfied with my results

Have been coming here for a few years and have been satisfied with my results.

Posted By : Ruth V.

Patient - Experienced, caring and very sweet

Dr. Jacqueline Cheng did my Cool Sculpting procedure. I have a great result from the first session and looking forward doing at least one more. Dr. Jacqueling Cheng is very experienced, caring and very sweet. Everybody in the office are very friendly and helpful.

Posted By : Maria B.

Patient - Attentive to every aspect

Dr Cheng was extremely competent as a physician and personally attentive to every aspect of my medical needs. The facility is over the top clean and well managed. I highly recommend Dr Cheng and her facility.

Posted By : Denise C.

Patient - She listens to what I am looking for

She listens to what im looking for as the result of the procedure

Posted By : Toni

Patient - Friendly and informative

I love love both Dr Jacqueline and Dr Elbert Cheng. They both care so much about me. The staff is friendly and very informative. I recommend family and friends to them all the time 🙂

Posted By : ew

Patient - Incredibly satisfied

I’ve been seeing the Cheng’s for years and have done everything from blepharoplasty to smart lipo, and I have always been incredibly satisfied with the results! Aftercare is always incredible as well.

Posted By : D M.

Patient - Very professional

Its great. Very professional!

Posted By : Joanne X.

Patient - Very caring

Very caring with her patients

Posted By : Janie T.

Patient - Gentle and patient

Dr. Cheng is gentle and patient. She offers advice and feedback in order to achieve the best results. I have always been pleased by the service, professionalism and service here.

Posted By : Laurie P.

Patient - Defy many signs of aging

I would (and do) highly recommend Dr. Jacqueline Cheng to my friends and acquaintances. I trust her judgement and expertise in determining what is needed to help me defy many signs of aging. I definitely trust her skill in performing the procedures, be it botox, filler, etc. Thank you Dr. Cheng!! 🙂

Posted By : Lynda Z.

Patient - Eye for perfection

Very happy with my results, staff and Dr. Cheng's manner and eye for perfection.

Posted By : Iris M.

Patient - Attentive and caring

Dr. Jacqueline has been so attentive and caring, she has taken great care of my body needs. I had cool sculpting and thermage, i got great results, my clothes fit perfectly and down to my weight of 108lbs. I love my outcome! Thank you Dr. Jacqueline and team for taking great care of my needs!

Posted By : RJ

Patient - Excellent

Dr. Jacqueline Cheng is excellent and I’m very happy to have her helping me.

Posted By : Wei L.

Patient - 20 years off the age of my face

Dr. Jacqueline Cheng is a truly gifted doctor and artist. I am so happy with the results of my injectble procedure. It took 20 years off the age of my face. I was severely damaged by radiation for cancer. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jacqueline Cheng! Jana McNulty

Posted By : Jana M.

Patient - I could go to work the next day

I liked that there was no redness, swelling or bruising after the treatment so I could go to work the next day and no one could see I had a treatment done. I am looking forward to seeing the end result in a few more months.

Posted By : Paulette P.

Patient - Love my results

I was comfortable during the entire procedure. I love my results. The staff was excellent. Dr Elbert was involved in the process as well.

Posted By : Jim D.

Patient - Looking younger than before

Doctor Jacqueline Cheng is a excellent doctor. I am satisfied with the treatment. I am looking younger than before. I am so happy.

Posted By : Echo L.

Patient - Very satisfied with the results

I am very satisfied with the results. Dr. Jacqueline is very down to earth and very friendly… And very eager to help me look my best. Always makes me feel at home and very relaxed. LS

Posted By : LS

Patient - Great doctor, great result

Great doctor! Great result! Friendly Staff! Will definitely come back to Dr. Jacqueline for any future cosmetic needs! AX

Posted By : Anlin X.

Patient - Wonderful experience

I had a wonderful experience and am looking forward to having more work. I have received many compliments

Posted By : M H.

Patient - I love my results

Dr. Jacqueline Cheng did my Rhinoplasty and I could not be happier. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it. She is so patient and her attention to detail is very much appeciated. I love my results. EW

Posted By : EW

Patient - Professional and nice

I would highly recommend Dr. Jacqueline Cheng for any procedure. She is very professional and nice.

Posted By : D H.

Patient - Professional

I like all the staffs in the office. Dr. J. Cheng is very professional and always think about her patients concern. Thanks to her patient and knoweldge. CY

Posted By : C Y.

Patient - Artistic touch

I love Dr. Jacqueline. She has an artistic touch, yet conservative hand with her Botox® application. The Spring and Fall Open House events are well-organized, very informative, and a great way to get some good deals. Staff is always professional and caring.

Posted By : LNB

Patient - Excellent skill, care and results

I am very pleased with the excellent skill, care, and results of the procedure. The staff is very kind and professional as well.

Posted By : Jg

Patient - Supportive and positive

Dr. Cheng is so amazing. She’s so supportive and positive. She was the ultimate cheerleader during the procedure and the results were outstanding. I look like a younger version of me. Thanks you for everything.

Posted By : Marla D.

Patient - 100% effective

The office was flexible, supportive and took the time to address my concerns thoroughly. And the procedure was 100% effective!

Posted By : Kay L.

Patient - Great surgeon

Dr. Cheng is a great surgeon . I had the pleasure of knowing him for approximately 10 years and familiar with his work. As a doctor I do not hesitate to refer him any of my friends, family members and any of my patients who needs his service. He is Great and he has the best suppoting staff. Highly recomended

Posted By : AR

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