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What is PRP Hair Restoration?

Besides Hair Transplantation, Cheng Plastic Surgery offers an additional minimally invasive Hair Rejuvenation procedure using PRP, which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. Recently, PRP has been shown to promote hair growth in thinning scalp hair, and we are excited to offer this therapy to our patients with hair loss.

By drawing your blood, we are able to isolate the rich and valuable growth factors and proteins contained in your platelets. Injecting the purified PRP into your scalp, hair follicles are stimulated to grow. Most patients receive a second, and possibly a third, treatment three months after the first. New hair growth is apparent within six months after the treatment, and improvement continues for more than a year.

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Your Hair Rejuvenation with PRP Procedure

After we take a sample of your blood, the blood is placed in a purification tube which disrupts the platelet membranes. A high speed centrifuge concentrates the contents of the platelet’s growth factors and proteins, and this “liquid gold” is then injected into the regions that need hair growth.

Once the blood has been treated, we numb the areas of the scalp to be treated and inject the PRP into the scalp using a tiny needle. Multiple injections are needed during each treatment.

PRP Hair Restoration San Jose

Recovering from Hair Rejuvenation with PRP

One of the advantages of PRP is that the platelets also help to speed healing. That said, you may experience some minor soreness and swelling after a treatment. You can take pain medication, if necessary. Usually, non-prescription medications are sufficient.

We will give you instructions for caring for the treated areas, including when and how to wash your hair. Follow-up treatments may be necessary in the future to re-stimulate hair growth, but patients are very happy with the results of hair rejuvenation with PRP.

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