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Nano fat, or nanofat, is a highly useful substance in advanced aesthetic surgery that brings a new level of regenerative results to the effects of aging, scarring and other soft tissue defects. Nanofat can produce unprecedented natural cosmetic results when applied to deeper lines and wrinkles and lasts longer than many man-made products.

What exactly is nanofat?

Also known as “micro-fat,” nanofat is a highly refined version of fat taken from part of your body. The fat that is extracted is highly filtered and processed without being biologically modified. Nanofat has a high concentration of stem cells and other natural body repair nutrients that can be reintroduced into the body to trigger regeneration.

Nano Fat Harvesting San Jose

What is the procedure for harvesting nanofat?

Obtaining nanofat is relatively simple and straightforward with no or very minimal discomfort.

A site is selected on your body that contains excessive fat such as the buttocks, abdomen or flanks. In many cases, harvesting fat from around the knee is often a first choice because it is relatively comfortable, easy to harvest and results in minimal bruising.

You will be given a local anesthetic for comfort. A small needle attached to a syringe is injected into the skin and a small amount of fat is drawn out of the body, similar to a blood draw.

The removed fat is spun in a centrifuge to separate out the fat from other fluids. The fat is progressively filtered into microscopic parcels of cellular fluid.

At this point, the nanofat may be mixed with platelet-rich plasma, an extract obtained from your blood in a separate blood draw. This is to increase the stem cell concentration and provide greater regenerative properties without altering or modifying natural substances.

How is nanofat used and what are the benefits?

  • Nanofat can be injected into patients to restore thinning skin for a more youthful look.
  • It may reverse some of the age-related changes in elastin and collagen by regenerating the tissues.
  • It may improve hair growth in both men and women.
  • It can be used to treat scar tissue and heal some types of wounds that have resisted other therapies.
  • Nanofat injections can help increase blood supply to the tissues and reduce inflammation.
  • It can be used to reduce fine facial lines, forehead wrinkles, neck lines and many others.
  • Used as an adjunct to other procedures such as deep dermal microneedling, fractional lasers and many other advances aesthetic technologies.
  • Because nanofat is so highly refined, a very fine needle is used when transferring it intradermally into the deeper layers.
  • Nanofat injections allow for more precise placement of fat such as in crow’s feet, neckline, and other delicate face and body areas.

Why choose us?

Cheng Plastic Surgery has been built from the ground up to deliver the most advanced, natural and regenerative procedures available in a luxury cosmetic survey practice.

Not only are Dr. Jacqueline and Dr. Elbert double-board certified and recognized as being at the top of their field, they have built a world-class team of accredited medical professionals and two operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment.

No matter how advanced and effective the procedure is, it is ultimately the skill and experience of your doctor that makes the critical difference. We take our responsibility to our patients very seriously and have dedicated our professional careers to helping people feel more attractive and confident in every area of life.

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