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Our surgeons invented and perfected this technique and surgical procedure that restores hair to the eyebrows for a natural-looking result. If you have suffered hair loss in these areas, you can finally restore hair growth using this method.

If you just wish your eyebrows to be thickened and/or reshaped, this can be done through transplantation as well. The eyebrows are an essential feature of the face that frame and enhance the eyes and general attractiveness of the face.

Cheng Plastic Surgery has two board-certified facial plastic surgeons, both of whom have extensive experience with hair transplantation. With two surgeons in our office – one male and one female – you can choose your preference and also have the option of receiving a second opinion right in the same office.

Eyebrow Restoration San Jose

Cheng Plastic Surgery Approach

We approach every surgery individually; no two patients are the same. We spend time with you to understand how you wish to look, and we examine you carefully to determine the best surgical transplantation plan to achieve your goals.

Some patients have eyebrow transplantation concurrent with another procedure, such as hair transplantation on the head, eyelid surgery, or a facelift.

Your Eyebrow Transplantation Procedure

Most eyebrow transplants are performed using local anesthesia and IV sedation. You can go home within a few hours of surgery.

We use the latest, no excision technology in hair transplantation. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the technique, which creates natural and permanent hair transplantation with minimal downtime. There is no need to be afraid of a long recovery period or ugly scars. FUE is an intricate system of transplantation. It requires knowledge of hair growth patterns and some artistic sensibility on the part of your surgeon. The harvested hair follicles must be carefully handled and then placed properly so that they grow in the correct direction.

Hair is often harvested from the back of the scalp where the hair will not be missed, but hair can be harvested from anywhere on the body where the quality of the hair is viable. The hairs are then transplanted above the eye for eyebrow transplantation.

Approximately 50-60% of the transplanted hairs survive and continue to grow, so more than one procedure may be necessary. They remain in place permanently. You may need to trim your eyebrows periodically.

Recovering from Eyebrow Transplantation

A few hours after your surgery, you can go home with someone’s help. You will not be able to drive right away.

You may experience some minor soreness and swelling where the hair has been harvested and transplanted. You can take pain medication, if necessary. Usually, non-prescription medications are sufficient.

We will give you instructions for cleansing the recipient sites, and we will see you for follow-up examinations.

Eyebrow Restoration San Jose

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