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When your rhinoplasty results aren’t what you expected, it can be quite concerning. If your original rhinoplasty results need to be improved and properly addressed, a well-executed revision rhinoplasty performed by a trusted and precision-minded board-certified plastic surgeon can help restore balance, symmetry, and function to your nose, elevating your quality of life and correcting aesthetic flaws.

What is revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is among the most demanding and delicate cosmetic procedures. It works to correct errors made by a previous surgeon or to achieve certain aspects of the patient’s vision that were not addressed the first time. The surgery is also often performed to correct structural imbalances and restore proper breathing.

Because the revision surgeon is dealing with an abundance of scar tissue, the procedure may take longer than its initial counterpart, resulting in the need for slightly more downtime than a primary rhinoplasty.

It’s important to note that the nose takes a long time to heal after primary rhinoplasty, so clients need to be patient and assess their results over time. It can take up to one year for all the residual swelling of the nose to disappear. If the patient judges their nose too early in the recovery process, they may be dissatisfied. If, after one year, your nose is still presenting issues, a revision procedure becomes a viable option for correcting your concerns.

Who should consider revision rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is needed when the primary surgeon did not go far enough to make the requested changes to the nose. They may have failed to properly reshape the bridge, tip, or nostrils, leaving the patient with a nose that hasn’t been sufficiently altered. On the other end of the spectrum, the surgeon may have gone too far and over-removed bone and cartilage, leaving the client with uncomfortable breathing issues and structural imbalances.

Our team at Cheng Plastic Surgery has the knowledge, skill, and artistry to revise earlier errors and deliver a natural-looking, elegant outcome tailored to your original goals.

Revision rhinoplasty is often performed to address the following:

  • Asymmetry
  • Incomplete cosmetic changes
  • A pinched nasal tip
  • Obstruction to the airways
  • Undesirable scarring
  • Over-removal of bone and cartilage
  • Collapsed nasal valves
  • A poor cosmetic outcome
Revision Rhinoplasty San Jose

What can I expect from the procedure?

Revision rhinoplasty is performed using either an open or closed technique. For open rhinoplasty, the incision is made at the base of the nose, across the columella. This allows the surgeon to lift the skin up, providing the greatest amount of access to the internal nasal structures. With the closed method, incisions are made only within the nostrils, where they are hidden from view.

The surgeon may need to use cartilage grafts if too much cartilage was removed during the original surgery or if small depressions have formed. Our team of experienced, seasoned facial plastic surgeons at Cheng Plastic Surgery will create a treatment plan that is specifically geared to your unique needs.

What are the benefits of revision rhinoplasty?

  • Cosmetic improvement of the bridge, tip, and nostrils
  • Correction of structural or functional issues
  • Improved symmetry and balance
  • Restoration of proper breathing
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • A boost in self-confidence and self-image
Revision Rhinoplasty San Jose

Who makes an ideal candidate for the procedure?

Patients who aren’t happy with their initial rhinoplasty results are likely ideal candidates for revision rhinoplasty. Ideal candidates meet the following requirements:

  • Are mentally and physically in good health
  • Do not smoke
  • Have waited for one year before judging their results
  • Are experiencing breathing problems or some other concern after rhinoplasty

Our team will meet with you in private to examine your nose, review your medical history, and create a customized treatment plan that will resolve your issues.

What can I expect from my recovery?

After rhinoplasty, you may experience many of the same side effects as you did with the original procedure: swelling, bruising, discomfort, stuffiness, nasal discharge, and nasal pressure. You will receive pain medications to help mitigate these symptoms. A splint will be used to help keep your new nasal shape intact.

You will need to avoid exerting yourself physically for several weeks following your surgery. Rest and relaxation are non-negotiable. For the first 48 hours, keep your head in an elevated position, sleeping on your back. You will be scheduled for follow-up visits with our doctors, and they will provide you with a detailed aftercare plan that you should follow to the letter.

Why choose Cheng Plastic Surgery for revision rhinoplasty?

Dr. Jacqueline T. Cheng and Dr. Elbert T. Cheng are sibling board-certified plastic surgeons who elevate the level of excellence in their field through meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to client safety and satisfaction. With two leading cosmetic authorities at your disposal who boast over two decades of combined expertise, you can expect an exponentially more successful outcome. Both Drs. Elbert and Jacqueline Cheng have devoted their lives to the field of facial plastic surgery. They have the knowledge, training, and eye for beauty required for the delicate, complex art of revision rhinoplasty.

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