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Many would define an attractive face as proportioned and harmonious. Flattened cheekbones can detract from an otherwise appealing face. Cheek implants can add volume and contour, creating the proportion and facial harmony that attracts others. In men, cheek implants make the face look stronger and younger. In women, they tend to create a more feminine, sculpted, youthful look.

Cheek augmentation overview

A sterile, permanent implant is used to augment the cheeks, and there is no visible scar after cheek augmentation. Recovery from the surgery is not lengthy or difficult. Over time, the implant becomes naturally enmeshed with the surrounding tissues and cheekbone.

Cheek Augmentation San Jose

Why choose Dr. Jacqueline and Dr. Elbert?

At Cheng Plastic Surgery, our double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons will spend time with you to understand what you envision about altering your cheek structure, and they will examine you carefully to determine the best surgical plan. Silicone implants will be custom-sized for you so that they are in perfect proportion for your face.

We have performed numerous successful cheek augmentation surgeries for patients Palo Alto, San Jose, and across the Bay Area. With two double board-certified facial plastic surgeons in our office, you have the option to receive a second opinion at once.

What are your options?

Many patients choose to have cheek augmentation with chin augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) or a facelift in order to create the greatest possible facial symmetry.

Certainly, for some patients, only a cheek enhancement is necessary. In some cases, dermal fillers or fat transfer may be a sufficient correction for flatter cheeks, but if you want a long-lasting solution, cheek implants are likely your best option.

During your initial consultation, we will create images of your face and add on computer generated cheek enhancements to give you a close idea as to how various amounts of added volume will improve your appearance. We can go over with you the type and degree of augmentation you will need to achieve the look you desire.

Your cheek augmentation procedure

  • Cheek augmentation can usually be done with a local anesthetic.
  • The incisions are almost always made inside the mouth where the scars are completely hidden.
  • Our surgeon will outline the position on your face where the implant will be placed. These marks are easily removed.
  • A pocket will be made within the cheek tissue inside the mouth. The implant will then be placed in that pocket using a sterilized clamp. The incisions are stitched with dissolvable sutures.
Cheek Augmentation San Jose

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