Meet Your Doctors

Elber T. Cheng, MD
Elbert T. Cheng, MD
Jacueline T. Cheng, MD
Jacqueline T. Cheng, MD

The Center for Facial & Body Rejuvenation is led by a unique, professional team. It currently has the only brother-sister facial surgery team in the entire US. Dr. Elbert T. Cheng and Dr. Jacqueline T. Cheng have a true partnership, even working together in complex cases to make sure the patient gets the personalized care he or she needs and deserves. Together, our doctors offer more than 24 years of experience in facial plastic surgery procedures.

Facial plastic surgery procedures, like rhinoplasty and facelift surgeries, are some of the most complex and sophisticated procedures in existence. The Center for Facial & Body Rejuvenation is fortunate to be led by not one, but two, doctors with extensive backgrounds in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery that informs their approach to facial plastic surgery. Not only do they have special insight into the workings of the human body, but they also understand and appreciate the impact that facial plastic surgery can have on a patient’s life.