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A lip lift is a precision cosmetic surgery geared to achieve a more dramatic and aesthetic appearance by reshaping and enhancing the lips. The procedure can achieve for greater definition at the edges, called the vermillion border, and provide you with a more attractive lip contour and a lovelier smile.

Why get a lip lift?

Some people who have regularly had injections with dermal fillers would rather choose something more that lasts longer. Because bodies constantly change, each dermal filler application may produce slightly different results than the last one. A lip lift is long-lasting and consistent and takes about an hour under local anesthesia.

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Lip lift benefits

  • Gives your doctor more ways to structure and shape your lips elegantly, rather than just plumping your lips.
  • Your “Cupid’s bow” can be enhanced in a way that best meets your desires. Peaks can be increased.
  • Lip asymmetries can be minimized.
  • The area between your nose and your upper lip (the philtrum) can be shortened for a more aesthetic symmetry. This is often what our clients really need for the lip effects they are seeking.
  • Because the philtrum often lengthens as we age, if it lengthens beyond a certain point, dermal filler treatments may give you the appearance of a heavy, hanging lip.
  • A lip lift produces long-lasting results. As we age, changes may reduce the effect, but the surgery provides stable results and may never need to be revised.
  • A lip lift is cost effective when considering repeated sessions of dermal filler.
  • The minimally invasive surgery takes only about 30 minutes to an hour with local anesthesia. You will be able to go home immediately afterwards.
  • Your lips retain a consistent look.
  • A lip lift can restore the most attractive amount of teeth when your lips are at rest or moving.

What should I expect with a lip lift procedure?

Our surgeons are not only highly experienced medical professionals, they are also structural artists dedicated to harmonizing and enhancing the contours and curves of your face. Although our lip lift is a short surgery, it will be done with a highly-detailed attention to technique to produce the enhanced beauty you desire.

  • Before the surgery, your doctor will mark an outline below your nose that the surgery will follow.
  • You will be given a local anesthesia or IV Sedation for complete comfort.
  • The outlined skin is removed, and the area tightened and secured. The surgery lines are concealed under the nose and are nearly invisible after healing.
  • After six weeks, any remaining visible scar, however slight, can be lasered for superior blending.

Why choose Cheng Plastic Surgery?

Our lip lifts are performed to exceptional standards of precision technique and artistic vision. Because both doctors are double-board certified in the fully range of cosmetic body enhancements, they understand the synergies between beauty and functionality. Their highly-evolved and experience-based intuition regarding achieving the best outcome. We are honored to be recognized as being at the top of the field of aesthetic enhancement, including lip lift procedures.

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