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If you suffer from persistent age spots, sun spots or skin tags — especially those that remain after other treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion or laser treatments — then a SkinCeuticals’ CryoCorrect treatment may provide you with the clear, blemish-free skin you have been wanting.

A CryoCorrect treatment uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as a cryogenic agent to gently freeze problem spots and tags, destroying the integrity of the targeted tissue. After a few days and over the next few weeks, your body will gradually and naturally clear the impaired tissue away, leaving no remaining traces of the spot or tag.

Your board certified facial plastic surgeon performs the procedure on an out-patient basis and the entire treatment can take just a few minutes in many cases. CryoCorrect provides a permanent and fast solution to trouble spots that can help complement other cosmetic procedures and complete your refreshed and healthy look.

You can also treat problems wherever they occur, whether you have spots or tags on your hands, face, arms or other areas of your body. The CryoCorrect treatment is safe for virtually all areas of the body.

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Your CryoCorrect Procedure

During your CryoCorrect procedure, you will receive a steady flow of carbon dioxide (CO2) delivered directly to your areas of concern — age spots, sun spots or skin tags — which will slowly begin to freeze the affected skin.

The carbon dioxide will freeze the skin much more gently than other cryogenic agents commonly used in skincare, such as liquid nitrogen. As a result, there is a less likelihood that the treatment will adversely affect the surrounding skin. The CryoCorrect applicator allows for accurate, targeted delivery of CO2, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

The freezing process takes only about five to eight seconds per area of concern, and you may only need one treatment to remove all your symptoms in that area. Most patients do not report significant, if any, discomfort during their CryoCorrect procedure.

Recovering from Your CryoCorrect Procedure

After your CryoCorrect treatment, you will notice that skin in the procedure area will appear darker than the surrounding skin. A scab will form over the darker area after a few days and may remain anywhere between two and three weeks before naturally falling away. New, unblemished skin should be visible in the treated area upon completion of this healing cycle.

The healing process will vary between patients and also depends on the size of the treatment area, but you can expect the healing process to range between 4 and 12 weeks with results typically visible between two and three weeks. Most clients do not report experiencing much discomfort after the procedure.

After your procedure, you can immediately resume your regular schedule. You should treat the procedure area with care afterward, but you will have no other special care instructions to follow.

Applying Phloretin CF® or Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 during recovery has been clinically shown to provide smoother feeling skin after receiving a CryoCorrect treatment.

The SkinCeuticals’ CryoCorrect treatment has no known side effects, so you can have our procedure and enjoy your results with confidence.

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