January Product of the Month:

SkinCeuticals Resveratrol BE

With age and ongoing aggression, skin accumulates excessive free radical damage and loses its efficiency to effectively repair at night. This compounded effect leads to accelerated signs of damage such as loss of radiance, elasticity, and density.

  • Neutralizes age-accelerating internal free radicals
  • Promotes skin’s natural repair to diminish the visible signs of accumulated damage
  • Strengthens functionality to resist new damage

During the month of January, purchase Resveratrol BE and one other SkinCeuticals product of your choice to receive 10% off your total!

January Esthetic Product of the Month:

Introducing SkinCeuticals Beauty Benefits! Resolve to Have Better Skin This Year!

This exclusive program is only offered at SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spas like ours! Enjoy free monthly treatment services (valued at up to $225) with our licensed Medical Esthetician, special savings on SkinCeuticals products and services, and exclusive discounts on some of our most popular skin rejuvenating treatments with our board-certified facial plastic surgeons…all for a small monthly fee.

  • $129 per month (with 12 month commitment)
  • $149 per month (with 6 month commitment)

Plus, receive a specially selected SkinCeuticals trial sized product if you join the program during January!

Call or email us today for more information or to enroll in this exclusive SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa program.

January New Year, New You Specials:

Start This New Year With LESS!
*Less Fat!
Save 10% off Your First Area of CoolSculpting, Save 20% off Two or More Areas
(1 Area = 2 Small Applicators or 1 Large Applicator)

*Less Cellulite!
Say Goodbye to Cellulite and Save 15% When You Treat 10 Up to 10 Dimples with Cellfina, Save 20% When You Treat 11 or More Dimples

*Less Loose Skin!
Firm and Tighten Skin with Thermage FLX and Save 10% on any Face or Body Treatment

*Less Facial Dark Spots
Save 10% on 1 PiQo4 Treatment, 15% on 2 PiQo 4 Treatments, or 20% on 3 PiQo 4 Treatments

*Less (or NONE) of Your Tattoo
Save 10% Off 3 PiQo 4 Tattoo Removal Treatments or 20% Off 6 PiQo 4 Tattoo Removal Treatment

January Upcoming Events

January 18, 12pm-2pm – Cool New You Fire and Ice Event
Features fat reduction and skin tightening with CoolSculpting and Thermage

Cool Sculpting is a completely non-invasive fat freezing technology that eliminates fat by literally freezing it to death. The Cool Sculpting® machine has several different applicators that vary in size and shape, allowing Dr. Elbert and Dr. Jacqueline to personalize each patient’s treatment and get the best possible results. We can treat the abdomen, flanks, “bra fat,” thighs and arms.

Thermage uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to heat the skin from the inside out to firm and tighten the skin…all with minimal discomfort and no downtime! By delivering the energy deep below the surface of the skin in a uniform effect, the layers of skin where collagen is produced are heated to smooth out existing collagen and create new collagen. Thermage FLX is the newest version that takes this amazing treatment to a new level with faster and more accurate treatments that are even more comfortable. Only available in the U.S. and only at our office in the South Bay, Thermage FLX is truly the future of non-invasive skin tightening.

Join us on Friday, January 18th to learn more about these amazing treatments and how they can help you reduce fat and tighten skin for maximum results in the New Year! Plus, we’ll be offering special pricing for attendees of the event.

RSVP to 408-255-3223 or Cheng@CFFBR.com

January 25, 12pm-2pm – Clear New You Event Featuring PiQo4 Tattoo Removal

Welcome to the future of getting rid of the past!

We are proud to introduce tattoo removal with our PiQo4 laser! It treats a wide range of pigment colors and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of pigment deposits. It also has the largest spot size on the market, which allows you to deliver faster treatments.

Learn more about effective tattoo removal with PiQo 4 at our Clear New You Event on Friday, January 25th from 12pm to 2pm. Special pricing available to attendees only!

RSVP to 408-255-3223 or Cheng@CFFBR.com

January 31, By Appointment – Smooth New You Cellfina Consultation Event

With Cellfina, you get the only long-lasting, minimally invasive cellulite solution proven to smooth away dimples for at least three years in a single treatment.

The Cellfina® System treats the primary structural cause of cellulite—the connective bands woven throughout fat in the thighs and buttocks. These tight bands pull down the skin, creating the puckering you see on the surface of the skin. Similar to a rubber band under tension, once released, the treated skin bounces back to smooth itself out in as little as three days. This one-time cellulite treatment is performed in our office and has minimal downtime. Enjoy a smoother you in time for your summer vacation!

Join us on Thursday, January 31st to learn more about this amazing body contouring option, have you own evaluation, and enjoy special event-only pricing. Plus, we’ll treat you to a healthy lunch!

Space is limited, so please call our office today to schedule your one-on-one evaluation.

RSVP at 408-255-3223 or Cheng@CFFBR.com