The Truth behind the Biggest Hair Loss Myths

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Thinning hair is often a bigger concern among aging men and women than wrinkles, loose skin or even the spare tire that often forms around the midsection. As traumatic as hair loss can be, most people don’t understand the facts surrounding this problem. By separating fact from fiction, you can understand how and why hair loss occurs. The good news is there are effective ways to reverse hair loss today, and some of the top procedures are available at the Center for Facial and Body Rejuvenation. Check out these common myths surrounding hair loss and the treatment options that work to restore your hair and your self-confidence.

Hair Loss and Grandpa

Many men believe they can blame their hair loss on their maternal grandfather. While a bald grandpa does play a role in the likelihood that your hair will thin, it’s not all about this one individual. In fact, baldness does indeed have a genetic component, but it is linked to your grandparents, parents and siblings. If you want to know your risk for thinning hair, you will need to examine your entire family tree for clues.

Tanning and Tight Hats

Other culprits that have been identified in hair loss include frequent tanning and wearing hats that are too tight. The idea behind the tanning myth is that sun exposure damages the hair follicles so that hair can no longer grow. While UV rays have the potential to cause plenty of skin and hair damage, hair follicles are not affected. So while you may see changes to your skin and hair after substantial time in the sun, hair loss will not be one of those fluctuations.

Wearing baseball caps frequently has also been linked to hair loss. The theory is that the covering can suffocate your hair follicles and impact their ability to sprout hair. Fortunately, this is another “fact” that has been proven to be false. However, if your hats are excessively tight, you can affect hair growth in the area where the band constricts, a condition known as traction alopecia.

Baldness and Virility

You might not be happy to hear us debunk this myth, but there is also nothing to the theory that men experiencing hair loss have higher testosterone levels. In fact, both men with thinning hair and those without the problem have similar levels of the male hormone. However, the way in which the hair follicles respond to hormones in the body could be a factore which could increase your risk for possible balding. This is due more to genetics than the levels themselves, though.

The Stress Factor

Worrying about the fact your hair is thinning will not make it thin any faster, contrary to popular belief. While stress impacts your body in a variety of negative ways, hair loss isn’t one of them. Some men (and women) may experience hair loss in response to a traumatic event, but this type of hair loss is usually sudden and temporary. Long-term hair loss and male and female pattern baldness have no link whatsoever to the everyday stress in your life.

Getting Help for Hair Loss

If you are struggling with low self-esteem due to hair loss, the staff at the Center for Facial and Body Rejuvenation can help. We offer two of the latest methods of hair restoration at our office, giving our patients the best choices in reversing male or female pattern baldness:

Hair Rejuvenation with PRP

This procedure injects platelet rich plasma, drawn from the patient’s own blood, which infuses the hair follicle with growth factors to stimulate the follicle to function once again. A series of three to four treatments are usually needed, and you will begin to see results within approximately six months.

Hair Transplantation

Today’s hair transplantation techniques offer superior results, thanks to FUE or follicular unit extraction. This method removes single hair follicles from the donor site and places them into the area where hair has thinned to create a natural appearance. The innovative technique does not leave behind the linear scarring of traditional hair transplantation and patients undergoing the procedure are usually back to regular activities within a day or so.


While there are many myths surrounding hair loss, one thing is certain – this problem is a socially debilitating one for many men and women today. Fortunately, there are ways to reverse the trend and restore hair for most of our patients. To learn more about hair restoration, contact the Center for Facial and Body Rejuvenation today at 408-255-3223.