Viviscal™ PRO

Many issues can lead to early hair loss, including heredity, hormonal changes, stress, side effects of medications, nutritional problems and environmental concerns. Factors like these often fall outside of our control. However, individuals experiencing mild to moderate hair loss have an effective, convenient and non-invasive option available to them. This treatment, available through your board-certified facial plastic surgeon, can slow hair loss and promote hair growth in a matter of months.

Viviscal™ PRO — the product of over 25 years of continuous research by leading hair loss clinicians — can help improve the quality and health of both men’s and women’s hair. This treatment, which users take twice daily in tablet form, relies on a unique and proprietary marine-complex formulation, AminoMar®. AminoMar® provides the body with key nutrients that nourish existing hairs and prolong hair growth via the bloodstream without drugs, and the treatment also includes several natural supplements such as Biotin, Apple Extract and Vitamin C. A Viviscal™ PRO treatment

  • Prolongs your hair-growth cycle
  • Promotes existing hair growth
  • Nourishes existing hair from within
  • Consists of a 100 percent drug-free supplements
  • Comes from 25 years of clinical research
  • Can treat both men and women

Using Viviscal™ PRO

Viviscal™ PRO can fit easily into your daily routine and diet. To obtain optimal results, patients should take two Viviscal™ PRO tablets per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, with or after food. A standard course of treatment for Viviscal™ PRO lasts for a minimum of three to six months. Viviscal™ PRO tablets are easy to swallow and must be obtained from your board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

Your Viviscal™ PRO Results

Patients who use Viviscal™ PRO for the prescribed length of time will experience a prolonged hair growth cycle and improved existing hair growth which will lead to fuller and thicker hair in most patients. Use of Viviscal™ PRO can replace or delay other hair treatments and can give many patients the desired improvements to their hair they wish to have, including improved hair quality and fullness and a rejuvenated appearance.