I now have bright, beautiful eyes

It was an epic journey–a trying but wonderful experience! Dr. Elbert Cheng treated me with respect, warmth and kindness. I was very impressed with his personable manner and of course, his skills as a surgeon. His staff was professional and helpful. Overall, it was a unique and singular experience with a beautiful outcome for me. I recently looked at myself in the mirror, and I was shocked to find an old lady looking back at me. My eyelids droop heavily over my eyes. I looked sleepy most of the time. To make matters worse, where my chin should have been, I found rolls of fat cascading down my neck. I was horrified! I didn’t recognize my own face! My body is still smooth and youthful, and I still feel young but this person staring back at me was an old person. How could this have happened? I was reeling from horror and shock. I wasn’t even fifty yet! Standing on the brink, tethering between old age and youth—I picked youth. I had my eyes, my neck, and my face lifted. I now have bright, beautiful eyes. My defined chin came back. My face looks firm and youthful again. I am grateful for the rare and lucky events throughout my life, and I consider Dr. Elbert Cheng’s deed as one of my life’s rare and happy experiences. I am very grateful and happy.