Well trained, extremely professional and well versed

I have been retired for several years but still lead an active lifestyle. I have been a patient of Dr Cheng during this time and have undergone a number of in office minor cosmetic procedures . Each were recommended by the Dr and staff after thorough consultations which described the pros/cons and whether my desired outcome could be achieved. I particularly am impressed by Dr Cheng’s credentials and experience in performing all the latest procedures available. In addition, his staff is well trained, extremely professional and well versed in the application of the latest advanced cosmetic equipment available. After reaching the point where cosmetic surgery was the step necessary to address a sagging neckline and jowls, I underwent the procedure at the attached surgery center w/ a highly trained staff of doctors and nurses. The surgery was completed in the morning and I returned the following day for post – op visit. Once again Dr Cheng, Edina, Yang and Kennedy gave me all the attention and instructions to follow for a painless , speedy and successful recovery. I urge anyone considering any type of cosmetic procedure or surgery to strongly consider CFFBR. My final thought is – IF YOU WANT TO LOOK YOUR BEST THAN GO WITH THE BEST IN THE BAY AREA AND BEYOND!!